Show Notes: The All-of-Us Express Quarterly Newsletter - July, 2021

Hello again from the All-of-Us Express (AECT) non-profit Board!

This newsletter keeps our members and the community informed about upcoming events, behind the curtain action, and ways you can help us bring incredible children’s theatre opportunities to the Lansing area.

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In this newsletter:

  • Audition and Show Schedules for Summer 2021 and beyond


  • Summer Camp Information

  • Fundraising and Grants Success Stories

Audition and Show Schedules for Summer 2021 and Beyond

Summer 2021: Alice in Wonderland

  • Performances: July 30-August 1 & August 6-8

Fall 2021: The Hobbit

  • Auditions: August 26-28

  • Performances: November 5-7 & 12-14

Winter 2021-2022: Treasure Island

  • Auditions: November 18-20

  • Performances: February 4-6 & 11-13

Spring 2022: Little Mermaid

  • Auditions: February 17-19

  • Performances: April 29-May 1 & May 6-8

Summer 2022: Matilda Jr.

  • Auditions: May 19-21

  • Performances: July 29-31 & August 5-7

The best way to keep up with our audition, performance, and other timely announcements is through our social media channels.

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Teaching Kids to Fight Safely - Combat Workshops

The Education Committee is bringing a theater combat workshop to AECT. There are two dates reserved with Ring of Steele (Ann Arbor) Each date is a one-day workshop. The class is an intro to theatrical combat featuring techniques with longsword, broadsword, and cutlass.

  • Dates: August 16th and 18th

  • Instruction details: 1:16 ratio, 32 kids each day (ish) 

  • Cost: $50 members/$65 non-member registration

  • Ages 9-18

  • Takes place at Hannah Community Center

For more information, call (517) 333-2580 ext. 0 or visit

Theatre Combat Workshop

AECT Summer Camps

Summer Camps have been in high demand, and the AECT Board and City Staff are working to expand enrollment to accommodate more youth. Stay tuned to AECT Social Media for updates and availabilities.

June Camps

  • [Complete] Descendants - Ages 8-11 - June 14-18

  • [Complete] Harry Potter - Ages 11-15 - June 21-25

  • [Complete] Superheros - Ages 9-14 - June 28-July 2

  • The World of Opera (non-performance camp) - Ages 11-18 - June 28-July 8

July Camps

  • Lord of the Rings - Ages 11-15 - July 5-9

  • Beetlejuice - Ages 11-18 - July 12-18

  • Stranger Things - Ages 12-18 - July 19-23

  • Star Wars - Ages 9-14 - July 26-30

August Camps

  • Puppetry - Ages 9-14 - August 2-6

  • Alice in Wonderland - Ages 8-11 - August 9-13

  • Dungeons & Dragons (non-performance camp) - Ages 12-18 - August 9-19

  • Robin Hood - Ages 9-14 - August 16-20

For more information about prices and how to register for camps, please visit

Community Engagement

The AECT is working to get to know parents and fans (paparazzi, please!) a bit better. We are engaging in several community initiatives to give more people like you the opportunity to help create the greatest Children’s theatre experience possible.

  • Opening Night Galas! The AECT Board is currently planning opening night galas for our next season (beginning Fall 2021). Light refreshments will be provided and an opportunity to speak with board members and connect with other theatre parents. Look for further updates on social media!

  • Recycling Can Drive - We will pick up your returnable cans and bottles on a regular basis, or as a one-time donation. Reach out to to set up a time, we will happily come and get those cans for you, then use the proceeds to fund AECT.

  • The fundraising committee is beginning a sponsorship drive. If you are affiliated with a business or organization that might be interested in sponsoring an upcoming show, send an email to Jen VanDerHeide, Fundraising Committee Chair, at, and we will send you a sponsorship brochure with more information.

You can also always donate directly through PayPal, or send us a check. Thank you, no matter if you are a member, an audience member, or if you donate a significant amount. All of us matter and help All-of-Us Express thrive.

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