Show Notes: The All-of-Us Express Quarterly Newsletter - April 9, 2021

Greetings from the All-of-Us Express (AECT) non-profit Board!

We appreciate you signing up for our (usually) quarterly newsletter. We use this newsletter to keep our members and the community informed about upcoming events, behind the curtain action, and ways you can help us bring amazing children’s theatre opportunities to the Lansing area.

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In this newsletter:

  • Audition and Show Schedules for Spring & Summer 2021

  • Summer Camp Information

  • Fundraising and Grants Success Stories

  • Board Volunteer Opportunities

Audition and Show Schedules for Spring & Summer 2021

Summer 2021: Alice in Wonderland

Auditions: May 20-22

Performances: July 30-August 1 & August 6-8

Fall 2021

Auditions: August 26-28

Performances: November 5-7 & 12-14

Winter 2022

Auditions: November 18-20

Performances: February 4-6 & 11-13

Spring 2022

Auditions: February 17-19

Performances: April 29-May 1 & May 6-8

Summer 2022: Matilda JR.

Auditions: May 19-21

Performances: July 29-31 & August 5-7

The best way to keep up with our audition, performance and other timely announcements is through our social media channels.

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AECT Summer Camps

June Camps

  • Descendants - Ages 8-11 - June 14-18

  • Harry Potter - Ages 11-15 - June 21-25

  • Superheros - Ages 9-14 - June 28-July 2

  • The World of Opera (non-performance camp) - Ages 11-18 - June 28-July 8

July Camps

  • Lord of the Rings - Ages 11-15 - July 5-9

  • Beetlejuice - Ages 11-18 - July 12-18

  • Production Design (non-performance camp) - Ages 11-18 - July 12-22

  • Stranger Things - Ages 12-18 - July 19-23

  • Star Wars - Ages 9-14 - July 26-30

August Camps

  • Puppetry - Ages 9-14 - August 2-6

  • Alice in Wonderland - Ages 8-11 - August 9-13

  • Dungeons & Dragons (non-performance camp) - Ages 12-18 - August 9-19

  • Robin Hood - Ages 9-14 - August 16-20

For more information about prices and how to register for camps, please visit

Fundraising and Grants Success Stories

Fundraising during the COVID slowdown has been highly successful. Your generous support, the support of many granting agencies, and the lower expenses have given us a head start on fundraising for the coming year. Fundraising allows us to provide more scholarships, updated equipment, royalties, and support for rehearsal and performance space. All of this contributes to an unparalleled theatrical experience for young people.

  • We will once again be selling concession kits, pins, and posters for opening weekend of Charlotte's Web. Watch your emails and social media for more details later this month.

  • The fundraising committee is beginning a sponsorship drive. If you are affiliated with a business or organization that might be interested in sponsoring an upcoming show, send an email to Jen VanDerHeide, Fundraising Committee chair, at, and we will send you a sponsorship brochure with more information.

  • Make sure you contribute the best way for your family, either through volunteering as a Board Member, donating funds, putting us in contact with your workplace grants or donations office, or participating in our community fundraiser efforts:

Recycling Can Drive - We will pick up your returnable cans and bottles on a regular basis, or as a one-time donation. Reach out to to set up a time, we will happily come and get those cans for you, then use the proceeds to fund AECT.

Online Matching Links

Amazon Smile - Select AECT in Amazon’s Smile mode for a portion of your Amazon purchases to come back to AECT.

Bing Give - Select All-of-Us-Express in Bing’s Give Mode.

eBay for Charity - Buy or sell and contribute to AECT through eBay.

You can also always donate directly through PayPal, or send us a check. Thank you, no matter if you are a member, an audience member, or if you donate a significant amount. All of us matter and help All-of-Us Express thrive.

Donate Now

  • 100% will go to All-of-us Express Children’s Theatre

  • When you donate through PayPal Giving Fund, all fees are covered by PayPal.

  • Receive a tax receipt - After you donate, PayPal will email you a PayPal Giving Fund tax receipt.

Board Volunteer Opportunities

The AECT non-profit board is seeking new members to make our incredible youth experiences happen. The AECT Staff and programming does not happen without community involvement.


The Board meets once per month to discuss ongoing efforts at fundraising, grants, education initiatives, and various other matters. Everyone has expertise that’s valuable to the Board. Accountants can come help with the books, social media gurus can help write the newsletter and manage the website, handy folks can dig in helping to ensure quality tools and equipment is available, people good with kids can help wrangle actors backstage.

Reach out to Board President Paul Beczkiewicz at and we will be in touch for a conversation about your contribution to service. An email does not sign you up for anything, so feel free to reach out to just learn more.

Thank you for signing up for our quarterly newsletter. Please forward this email on to interested readers, and if you’re not subscribed, sign up now!